In recent months the vaping industry has gone from a sigh of relief to sheer shock and fear about what the FDA might do next to kill the industry. If you’re a vaper that has had no interest in the advocacy side of vaping, you need to know that there is a lawsuit underway that could change everything that you love about vaping, or not. This is the only FDA lawsuit that could literally make or break your access to the vaping products you use every single day.

The sad part is most don’t even know what’s happening with the FDA, anything about this lawsuit, or how much is riding on it for them, the vaper.

What’s At Stake Here?

Before we go any further we want to detail what’s really at stake for you the vaper, let alone all of the vape shops, eliquid producers and equipment manufacturers. If the FDA is to be believed and the numerous actions they are taking are successful;

“You’ll have to go to a doctor to get a prescription for vape juice and there will only be two flavor options, tobacco or menthol”.

Not two categories of flavors, but literally only two flavors to choose from. Did that sink in? This is clearly where the FDA and its partners big tobacco and big pharmaceutical companies are trying to take this industry.

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The FDA Lawsuit Over Vaping

Meet Larry William Faircloth, a man who has bravely taken on the FDA on behalf of you and an entire industry. In 2016, Larry filed a lawsuit against the Food & Drug Administration in order to challenge its Deeming Rule, which extended the FDA regulatory authority to all tobacco products, as well as e-cigarettes. The suit claims that the rule making process violated federal law and the rule itself violates the U.S. Constitution.

There are several main points that Larry’s lawsuit aims to do. We are breaking it down in simple terms to make it easier to follow:

  • The main premise for the lawsuit is to halt the deeming regs in an effort to allow the industry to further grow as well as innovate new products.
  • Next in the process is either a final hearing or mediation. Whichever we can get to first we would consider excellent, but we are eating up expenses preparing for both scenarios
  • This lawsuit is the only suit that has made it beyond all argument phases; beaten 2 dismissal attempts by the FDA; and has had a favorable ruling allowing it to proceed to a courtroom.

The lawsuit is far from over and the stall tactics of the FDA isn’t helping. Though we have seen many other legal actions against the FDA fail to get beyond just initial motions, the outlook on this suit is truly an optimistic one.

If a mediation can not be agreed to, the lawsuit is expected to see a court hearing announcement by as soon as April, so it is truly imperative for the vaping and vape manufacturer communities to continue to stand behind efforts to fight the FDA.

How We Plan To Help With This Lawsuit

Our company and its CEO Jason Weber are well-known nationally for our constant and vigorous involvement in vaping advocacy and we don’t intend on stopping there. We have spoken with Larry about his lawsuit and offered to help financially support him in this crucial effort, but we need your help.

Now don’t start squirming in your chair as you recount the numbers in your bank account, we aren’t asking for you to straight out donate for YOUR cause. We want to partner with you to provide the badly needed funds for Larry and his legal team to keep fighting for you and we have come up with a great way to do that.

Today we are announcing our partnership with our customers to provide YOU with a 25% discount on any of our national line or nic salt line flavors AND we will ALSO make a donation of $9/$6.50 respectively to the legal fund for this lawsuit on every bottle you purchase using this coupon code: BEATTHEFDA . So you get a big 25% discount on each bottle of juice you buy AND we all join in financial support to save vaping through the most urgent and favorable fight there currently is.

What Else Can YOU Do?

Like, comment and share this blog post.

Suggest that other vaper friends do the same and get more involved.

Get regular updates on the lawsuit, by joining the Faircloth Vs FDA Facebook Group.



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